Guangzhou Asian Games

Guangzhou Asian Games

2010 Asian Games

The 2010 Asian Games, also known as the XVI Asian Games, was a multi-sport event celebrated in Guangzhou, China from 12 to 27 November 2010, although several events have commenced from 7 November 2010. Guangzhou was the second Chinese city to host the Games, after Beijing in 1990. A total of 9,704 athletes from 45 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) competed in 476 events from 42 sports and disciplines (28 Olympic sports and 14 non-Olympic sports), making it the largest event in the history of the Games. Due to reductions in the number of sports to be contested for the 2014 Asian Games, these Games marked the final time that six non-Olympic events would be held during the Asian Games.

The Games were co-hosted by Dongguan, Foshan and Shanwei, the three neighboring cities. A total of 53 venues were used to host the events including 11 constructed for use at the Games. The design concept of the official logo of these Asian Games was based on the legend about the Guangzhou, featured a stylised calligraphic “Stone Statue of Five Goats in Yuexiu Hill”, a symbol of the host city.

Our company has had the honor to participate in the lighting of this huge project.

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