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Our mission is to design and develop the best
Lighting Plans.
was formed from the merger of 2 companies Noor Khodro Baharan and Noor Afarinan Omid, and each of these companies was the major agent of lighting companies.

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Activity in the field of Solar energy and Solar powerhouse, professional lighting with the laser, Lighting Concerts and Conference, Consultation and launching the industrial and structural projects.


Designing a lighting system is to use the best of light as one of the important parameter if not most in order to create. A designer can use lights as a blood of a creation in order to promote it on its best…

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Founders of the company

Alireza Shahinfar

CEO & Marketing Manager

Khashayar Chitsaz

Head Designer

Modern Bright, Modern Lighting

We can categorize a light considering different facts which counts during a design process. Criterion is based on international standards and regulations, customer demands or production standards.these are: operation and revenue, durability and strength, safety, ease of aftersales service, energy efficiency and eco -
Temporary lighting design is one of the best options for the cities, roads, parks …. throughout the year and for special ceremonies, national holidays and ….-
Modern Bright with existing stock in Iran and United Arab Emirates as well as two distribution center within Tehran; has the capability to cover the customer demands and orders with considerable products range…-

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